Abucs scubA Charters

Taking bookings through Dive Brockville Adventure Centre, Abucs scubA charters runs six dive boats, two charters a day, 7 days a week, from April to December. We develop dive trips to suit your needs, from wreck dives, to drift dives, from River dives to Lake Ontario! We have dive boats in Brockville, Rockport, and now Picton! so contact us with your booking inquries.

Safety is always a priority at ABUCS. All four of our boats are Transport Canada approved and all boats are equipped with safety equipment, including an on-board Oxygen kit, First Aid, dual VHF radios, and 'Save a Dive' parts. Our fully trained and insured crew members are here to ensure you have a safe and happy dive trip.

(Please Note that U.S. Dive Sites are not available at this time)

From Brockville!

Visiting Wrecks: Daryaw, Lillie Parson, Robert Gaskin, Muscallonge, J.B. King As well a drift dives around Brockville.

The Helen C. 

Walk-On or Group bookings 2 - 12 divers

Located at St. Lawrence Park, Brockville                                 (Directions to boat)


The Helen C. is a 32', custom built pontoon boat that is very stable in all conditions. She sports twin 4 stroke Yamaha outboards. She can easily accommodate up to 12 divers with equipment, with lots of room to gear up and move around. 

Her large front and side decks permits multiple divers simultaneous entry and is wheelchair accessible. 

The most unique feature of the Helen C. is her inboard re-entry. A retractable staircase is lowered between the pontoons and provides a stable platform for removal of fins, making re-entry a breeze. 

After a drift dive, the staircase is a real bonus. The captain places the boat downstream and the divers simply drift onto the staircase and back onto the boat. 

2 divers minimum.

From Rockport!

Silent Diver. 

Walk-On or Group bookings 2 - 6 divers

Located at Andres Boat Works- Rockport                                 (Directions to boat)


Silent Diver is a 25' Starcraft Chieftain with cabin. Able to take 2 to 6 divers, and get them there quickly!

Silent Diver is docked at Andress Boat Works in Rockport and Runs charters to USA wrecks and Canadian sites around Rockport 7 days a week.

2 divers minimum.

Visiting Wrecks:

U.S.- America, Keystorm, Jodery, Oconto, Vickory

Canadian- Kinghorn, Ash Island Barge, Rockport Wall


'Knot’ a Riverqueen
Group bookings with a minimum of 10 - 20 divers             (Directions to boat)

 Located at Andres Boat Works- Rockport

this 42' pontoon boat offers ample room to move around while gearing up as well as an onboard head. With a canopy to shield the members of your group from the elements over those long days diving, and 3 re-entry points, Knot a Riverqueen has been a well received addition to our fleet.

Visiting Wrecks:

U.S.- America, Keystorm, Jodery, Oconto, Vickory

Canadian- Kinghorn, Ash Island Barge, Rockport Wall

From Picton!


Walk-On or Group bookings 2 - 12 divers                                         (Directions to boat)
Located at Waupoos Marina
The AMG is a 35' Custom made dive boat that can accommodate up to 12 divers. A spacious interior offers divers room to gear up and move around. She features an upper deck for sunning and relaxing between dives and the all important head for those long days on the lake. 

She also features a fully enclosed cabin, providing indespensible protection for days when the weather is not co-operating.


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