Discover Scuba

The PADI Discover Scuba Diving program introduces people to scuba diving in a highly supervised yet relaxed manner under the experience and professional guidance of our experienced staff.

New divers learn the basic safety concepts with a 20 minute audiovisual presentation in our classroom on how to put on their equipment and then swim around underwater in a closely supervised environment.

Then its off to try scuba for your first time! With your instructor you will be able to breathe underwater! Here's your opportunity to experiance why scuba has attracted so many people! To be able to visit the underwater realm and float over the marine life.

After trying scuba, many new divers may decide to repeat the experience and pursue getting certified by enrolling in a PADI Scuba Diver or Open Water Diver course. We hope that your discover scuba creates some excitement and encourages you to become a diver.

Duration:   3 to 4 hours.

Training: -Classroom study

                  - Scuba Experiance dive

                       to maxumum of 20 feet

Prerequisites:  Minimum age 10

                   no prior experience required

Course Fee:  $150  +Tax

Certification: No, Recognition card

Course Includes:  Use of Mask, fins, Snorkel, Regulator, BCD, Wet suit, tank, Weight belt, Weights.

S'il vous plait, pour toute réservation en francais, contacter nous par email, afin d'éviter des barrières de langue. 

Merci beaucoup. 

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