S'il vous plait, pour toute réservation en francais, contacter nous par email, afin d'éviter des barrières de langue. 

Merci beaucoup. 

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Closed January through April but we value your business!! If you need anything please don't hesitate to call or text :)


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About us


Since 1994, Abucs scubA Charters has been offering personalized dive charters to the world class shipwrecks in the 1000 Islands Region of the St. Lawrence River.


Over the past twenty-six years, we have grown from a single charter vessel, to a full service operation with a fleet of Six  Transport Canada approved charter boats, and CSA-approved air-station offering air and nitrox. Making the Abucs the largest, and longest established dive charter company in the 1000 Islands region.


Dive Brockville Adventure Centre, Brockville's only full service dive shop, offers a full range of support for divers and adventures for the whole family.

Our rental department can offer full diving gear rental or if you just need that one item.

We also offer Kayaks, Canoes, Bicycles rental for family fun on or around the river!

TRI Air Testing is an AIHA accredited labortory providing worldwide air testing for

fire service, scuba, OSHA, medical, pharmaceutical, industrial companies and Government and Military.

We provide air fills that meet or exceed the requirements for breathing gas. Please ensure your tanks have a current Hydrostaic Test Date and Visual Inspection date.

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