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Kingston Area Wrecks

Come and explore the many wrecks from Kingston!

Shore Dives!

Marine Museum


(nice, easy dive but possible heavy boat traffic)

  • Popular scrounge dive (Bottles!) and night dive (potential wildlife includes: Ling Cod, Salamanders, Pike, Perch)

Portsmouth Harbour

This site has 2 dives

- the first dive (Portsmouth Harbour) is beginner/intermediate

- the 2nd dive (Stacked Hulls) is technical (boat traffic, distance to site).

Individual Diver Charter Rates

2-dive Kingston Charter .....................$100.00

3-dive Kingston Charter .....................$150.00

Open Water Dives

Wolfe Islander II

     Depth: 40' - 85'

     Ship Type: Car Ferry

     Built: 1946

     Scuttled: 1985


     Depth: 55'

     Ship Type: Schooner Barge

     Built: 1888

     Sank: 1917

 Effie Mae

       Depth: 55'

        Ship Type: Trawler

        Built: 1968

        Scuttled: 1993


     Depth: 75'

     Ship Type: Wooden Propeller

     Built: unknown

     Scuttled: 1925


     Depth: 65'

     Ship Type: Barge

     Built: unknown

     Scuttled: unknown

Intermediate Dive Sites


     Depth: 70' - 75'

     Ship Type: Iron-hulled Side Wheeler

     Built: 1854

     Scuttled: 1931


     Depth: 85'

     Ship Type: Side Wheeln Steamer

     Built: 1848

     Sank: 1861

George A. Marsh

     Depth: 85'

     Ship Type: Three-masted Schooner

     Built: 1882

     Sank: 1917

Maple Glen

     Depth: 70'

     Ship Type: Steamer

     Built: 1887

     Scuttled: 1925

Wolfe Islander II

     Depth: 40' - 85'

     Ship Type: Car Ferry

     Built: 1946

     Scuttled: 1985

Advanced Dive Sites


     Depth: 115'

     Ship Type: Dredge

     Built: unknown

     Sank: 1890

George T. Davie

     Depth: 75' - 99'

     Ship Type: Freight Barge

     Built: 1898

     Sank: 1945

S. M. Douglas (special rates apply)

     Depth: 110'

     Ship Type: Dredging Barge

     Built: 1897

     Sank: 1985

Frontenac (special rates apply)

     Depth: 90'

     Ship Type: Tug Boat

     Built: 1901

     Sank: 1929


     Depth: 75'

     Ship Type: Barge

     Built: unknown

     Sank: unknown


     Depth: 60'

     Ship Type: Schooner Barge

     Built: 1893

     Scuttled: 1937

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